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Meet Irimo

Discover how an almost-hundred-year-old hand tools brand has become a reference of quality, durability, right priced choice for professionals around the world.

Why Irimo?

High quality tools
build to last longer

With a growing catalogue that allows you to perform better and faster

Good tools that simply work well

Durable right-priced tools to save further costs

Professional tools built by a long experienced brand

About Irimo

A long tool-manufacturing story, in short

On a northern, mountainous region of Spain, there is a land of steel and iron. There, forges and metallurgy have developed since ancient times under the shadow of the peaks. One of them called Irimo and, since 1930, shares its name with our hand tools.

Irimo quickly became the benchmark for car tools in Spain. Its socket sets, wrenches, boosters or jacks had no competition, but even less a brand’s own invention: the side nut adjustable wrench. For almost a century, we grew our knowledge on how to best manufacture strong, consistent tools for mechanics. No wonder why, back in the 1930’s, “it’s better… because it’s IRIMO” became a slogan!

Times change and so do we. Thanks to joining SNA Europe some decades ago, we were able to ensure our competitiveness while sticking true to ourselves. What’s more, we were able to extend our production of reasonable-priced, quality devices to further professions: lighting, pipe, carpentry and much more. That is how we’ve managed to stay being who we’ve always been: manufacturers of long-lasting, quality hand tools for professionals who work hard.


At Irimo, we build strong, long-lasting hand tools that do their job. We have been making tools for professionals for almost a century, so you can focus on doing yours.


Not the cheapest, neither the most expensive, certainly the highest-quality and durability for its price-range. Quality-Performance-price- is in our daily mindset.

Irimo tools are the wisest business investment.


Irimo is a Spanish-rooted brand within SNA Europe, the premier hand tools European manufacturer. An international network of distributors allows Irimo to get to professionals all around the world. With sales offices in most of the countries. You have a direct contact in your local language for any information you may need.