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Insulated Screwdrivers Set Sl, Tester 3 Pcs

Product Details
  • Includes 2 screwdrivers and 1 mains tester 150-250 V
  • Insulated VDE screwdrivers for slotted and Phillips head screws
  • Slotted: 408V-4-100
  • Phillips: 409V-1-150
  • Voltage tester: 429-03-1
  • Phosphated tip for higher accuracy
  • For working on live equipment up to 1000 V
  • Two-component handle for comfortable grip and high torque transfer
  • Non-rolling handle shape
  • Integrated hanging hole
  • High quality blade insulation moulded directly onto the blade for total safety
  • Permanently marked blade with size and part number for easy identification
  • Individually inspected and manufactured according to IEC 60900, tested in a water bath at 10,000 V
  • Mains tester with clear transparent plastic handle and plastic insulation up to the tip
  • In info card
Technical Details
Slotted Icon Phillips Icon 1000V Iec60900 1000V TRI VDE GS
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Screwdriver Insulated Set 3 Pcs (with Tester) 459V-3-1 3 35 x 130 x 310 mm 360 g
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