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Protective Aluminium Jaws with Grooves for Bench Vice

Product Details
  • Protective jaw set for delicate work
  • Aluminium jaws with deep horizontal and vertical groove
  • Includes built-in power magnet to fix the jaw in a steel vice
  • Designed for vertical clamping of round objects
  • 90° recess in the top to hold flat bar stock while marking out or centre punching
  • Horizontal V-groove with 120° angle for clamping pipes and other round workpieces
  • Three vertical V-grooves with angles of 100°, 120° and 130° for clamping pipes and other round workpieces
  • Extremely powerful neodymium magnetic strip
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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202561 100 mm 180 g
202571 125 mm 200 g
202581 150 mm 220 g
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