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Screwdriver Displays with 83 Pcs

Product Details
  • Includes 83 screwdrivers
  • For slotted, Phillips and Torx® head screws
  • - Slotted: (6x) 10x200; (8x) 4x100 (7x) 5.5x125; (6x) 6.5x150; (6x) 8x175
  • - Phillips: (8x) PH0x75; (7x) PH1x100; (6x) PH2x125
  • - Straight: (8x) 3x75; (8x) 4x100; (6x) 5.5x150; (7x) 6.5x150
  • Sandblasted tip for better screw grip and full anti-rust guarantee
  • For intensive use
  • In metal display
Technical Details
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Screwdriver Set Display with 83 Pcs 910-83DISP 83 250 x 450 x 500 mm 8500 g
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