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Top Chests 26" 4 Drawers

Product Details
  • 4 drawer top chest
  • Large capacity heavy duty construction top chest
  • Double wall frame protects the slides and drawers from shocks/crashes
  • Reinforced areas to reduce stress in specific points of the trolley
  • Long ball bearing slides with fully opening drawers
  • Click/detent drawer closing system
  • Central locking mechanism with key
  • Anti-slip rubber worktop
  • 1/3 and 3/3 foams available compatible with the top chest
  • Drawers with internal dimensions (3x) 543x445x53 mm, (1x) 543x445x118 mm
Technical Details
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Top Chest 26" 4 Drawers 9065K4 25 kg 250 kg 420 x 501 x 677 mm 38 kg
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